WP Review Stuff

Review stuff is a plugin that adds a review process to post editing that includes a ranking, link, and spoiler warning. It was written with movies in mind, but was purposely kept vague enough to be used for pretty much anything.


Administration panel Admininstration panel screenshot
An example post Post screenshot


If you have questions, comments, suggestions, etc... please feel free to contact me at dennis@hengeveld.com. If you are using it and enjoying it please let me know.


Download the plug in and ftp it to the Wordpress plugins directory (usually wp-content/plugins). Activate the plugin in the plugins section of the administration area in WordPress. Once activated you should see new fields in your post editing admin pages. To display the information in your blog posts, you will need to edit your WordPress templates.

Editing WordPress templates:

There are two post specific functions at your disposal. You can use these at the post level in your templates. If you do not know how to edit templates you can find out how in the docs section of wordpress.org.